7.5HP performer danfoss scroll compressor SH090

Danfoss Scroll Compressor
Danfoss Scroll Compressor

We are an authorized dealer of Danfoss scroll compressor for air conditioning made in China, We supply all kinds of Danfoss scroll compressor for air conditioner, range from 7 – 40 HP(TR), including 7.5HP performer danfoss scroll compressor SH090.

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  • Performer Danfoss Scroll Compressor

Danfoss scroll compressor for HVAC – Fast, easy installation with fewer call-backs. Designed for excellence in performance, silence and endurance, Danfoss scroll compressors are the quietest, most reliable and longest-lasting compressors available today. There is a full capacity range from 7 – 40 HP(TR) ensuring the perfect fit for your business.

The range of Danfoss scroll compressors for residential and light commercial applications include R410A, R407C, R134a, and R22 models and offer the most reliable and long-lasting compressor in the HVAC&R industry thanks to advanced technology and high product quality.


  • Danfoss Scroll Compressor Series

Product SeriesPower Range
SH series7.5-40 HP(TR)
SM/SY/SZ series7-30 HP(TR)
VZH series4-26 HP(TR)

Danfoss Scroll Compressor Series

  • Features for Danfoss Scroll Compressor

1. Easy maintenance with oil drain tube
2. Environmentally-friendly lead-free bearings
3. Easy to install, Energy saving, efficiency and silence
4. Prepared for manifolding with oil sight glass and oil equalizer
5. Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
6. Refrigerant: R22/R410A/R407C/R134a
7. Certification: TUV, CCC, UL, VDE, CE, CRAA, TIS, KC, CB, INMETRO

Features for Danfoss Performer scroll compressor


  • Danfoss Scroll Compressor Model Nomenclatures

Danfoss Performer scroll compressor nomenclature


You can Download Danfoss Scroll Compressor Catalog to get the all models list.


  • 7.5HP performer danfoss scroll compressor SH090 Specifications

Danfoss Performer scroll compressor SH series


If you don’t know which model is suitable for you, you could send message to us. We have several professional engineers to make a customized solution for you. ↓↓

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  • Packing & Delivery time Of Danfoss Scroll Compressor

1. Packing: Pallet, wooden case or with outer carton, or as per customers’ specific requirements.

2. Delivery time: Shipped in 15~30 working days after payment.

Danfoss Performer scroll compressor packing

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